Seabrooks promises Hugh Mills turf will be installed

Seabrooks promises Hugh Mills turf will be installed
Kickoff of the high school football season is less than 40 days away, and that means crews improving Hugh Mills Stadium are under a time crunch.
Work began this week to install new turf at the stadium.
Crews are busy taking up the existing grass, and plan to install the turf base later this week.
Dougherty County athletic director Johnny Seabrooks admits the project is about three weeks behind as they fought to get it approved. But he assures everyone the field will be ready for the kickoff of the season.
“They have full access to the stadium. They can work as long as they want to. They can cut the lights on, so they'll be in and out,” Seabrooks notes. “They said we have about a 29-day window to get it done. So if everything goes well, we'll be ahead of schedule.”
The first game scheduled to take place at Hugh Mills this season is Lee County at Westover on August 21, which is just 38 days away. A scrimmage between Seminole County and Albany has been pushed back to August 22, just to make sure everything is ready.
Seabrooks says this has been in the works for about five years, and is dearly needed considering the amount of wear and tear the grass takes every season. He says the money saved in the long run will make the turf well worth it.
“It'll give this stadium a great facelift. This is probably one of the most historic stadiums in the state.” Seabrooks says. “Plus the cost when it comes to maintenance and upkeep, the water bill, the pesticides, the fertilizer, and all those things, it'll weigh in.”

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