APD wants kids off the street late at night

APD wants kids off the street late at night

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Albany's police chief said too many kids are out on the streets too late at night.
 He wants to crack down on curfew violators.

The chief is also asking for your help to track down a suspected killer tonight.
Albany Police Chief Michael Persley gave me an update on a recent murder and told me he's concerned about kids ending up at the wrong places at the wrong times.

Tuesday Albany police announced that this man, 21-year-old Malcom Offord Jr., is charged with the murder of 44-year-old James Hawkins.  He was shot July 5th on West Highland Avenue during a robbery attempt.

Seventeen year old Mylan Mahoney was already in jail charged with the crime, but Police are still looking for Jamie Alexander Washington..also known as "Jaw Jacker."

"We would like for him to go ahead and turn himself in," said Chief Michael Persley.

Persley said police are also investigating the cause of other recent late night shootings in the city.

" Some appear to be possible attempted robberies," said Chief Persley.

Persley doesn't believe the shootings are connected.  He is calling for the violence to stop.

"We're really asking people that take into account that lives do matter. All lives matter," said Chief Persley.

The same night that Hawkins was shot to death, a 13-year-old boy was also shot in the hand on West Gordon. Persley says too many children are roaming the streets late at night.

" Especially with our curfew violations because we've had a couple of situations where they were juveniles who were victims of it and you kind of wonder with them being out at 1, 2 o'clock in the morning," said Chief Persley.

Police are now looking to enforce the curfew ordinance strictly.

" We need to make sure that it is enforced and that they abide by it," said Chief  Persley.

and he's asking residents to become more vigilant when it comes to reporting crimes.

" It's not about you being a snitch or you being a rat to someone, but what it's about is those people who are committing crimes here in Albany. It's holding them accountable because you may be the next victim," said Chief Persley.

According to the city's curfew ordinance, minors need to be with a parent or guardian between 11 p-m and 6 a.m. Sunday through Thrusday and midnight to 6 on Friday and Saturday.

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