Residents concerned over railroad crossing 'humps'

Residents concerned over railroad crossing 'humps'

DOUGLAS, GA (WALB) - The owner of a Douglas tractor company says he is frustrated with CSX.

He claims the railroad is creating dangerous conditions at a rail crossing in town.

Perry Stone had to abandon his truck in order to save his life while his truck was stuck on the railroad tracks in Douglas Monday.

"And when I come across that low crossing, I come up the other side, and as I come over the landing gear is caught," Stone explained.

But stone isn't the only one who has had this problem. Unfortunately he didn't have enough time to ask for help from the local business nearby- Thompson Machine Company.

In the seven years Matthew McKinnon has worked there, he said he can't remember how many trucks they've helped rescue.

The problem is that the hump in the road is no problem for most cars, but becomes nearly impossible for truck drivers to get over.

"It's a safety issue there's been numerous tractor trailers stuck on this track before." Wilbur Streat

Wilbur Streat who owns N & S Enterprise business is not far from the problem tracks. Stone is his employee. He says that CSX continues to elevate the tracks but not making it even with the street.

"Just make a hump and go off and that's not right," said Streat.

Meanwhile, he said he contacted CSX and they got the information. There was no immediate word on any action that would be taken.

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