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Avoiding a heat stroke when we near 100

Dr. Black Dr. Black

Southwest Georgia was under a heat advisory most of Tuesday.

With 'feels like' temperatures reaching triple digits, heat related illnesses can happen quickly.

Working outside can be dangerous if you don't take precautions such as drinking plenty of water and taking frequent breaks.

The elderly, the very young, and those taking certain types of medication are most at risk in the heat.

"The biggest thing we look for is confusion if someone has lost the ability to sweat and their skin is hot to the touch they're probably on the verge of heat stroke. certainly work on the buddy system don't work outside without someone being with you or knowing that you're outside," said Dr. James Black, Chairman Dept. Emergency Medicine.

Dr. Black also suggests hydrating before you feel thirsty, plan events early in the day and later on at night. 

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