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42 years after Alday murders, no closure

Relda King Relda King
Sheriff Elliott Sheriff Elliott
Aubrey Alday Aubrey Alday
Carl Issacs Carl Issacs

Today marks forty two years and two months since what was described as one of Georgia's worst crimes. Six members of the Alday family were brutally murdered in Seminole county back in 1973, by three escaped inmates looking for guns and money.

Family members say there has been no closure over these four decades. Relda King remembers her father Aubrey Alday as an all around good person. "My dad was a nice man.  He worked hard.  Played hard," she said.

She says out of her four sisters, she was the tomboy.  Wanting to spend every second she could by his side.

"He loved to hunt and fish.  If he was cleaning birds, I was cleaning birds.  If he was cleaning fish, I was cleaning fish."

But on May 14th 1973, all of that changed.  Three prison escapees Carl Isaacs, George Dungee, and Wayne Coleman left Maryland, picked up 15-year-old Billy Isaacs and ended up at the home of Jerry Alday, needing to fill up.

"Hunting gas and money.  There was fuel behind the house, it wasn't gas."

And each time one of the Aldays went back to pick up fuel for their tractors, the killers were waiting for them inside.

"And when they didn't come back to the field, another one would go see about that one, and they killed him." 

Five men fatally shot, one woman raped and killed. Memories Seminole County Sheriff Heath Elliott says he remembers even as an eight year old child.

"It's still there.  I don't think it will ever be something that will be forgotten," he said.

Family members say, even after 42 years, they won't have that sense of closure until the last killer takes his final breath.

Carl Isaacs was put to death, while Billy Isaacs and Dungee died.  Wayne Coleman is the only surviving killer.

"May you rot in hell," King said. "That's all I've got to say."

WALB has been working with Discovery ID on tonight's documentary about the Alday murders.  It will air tonight at 8:00.

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