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Make sure your car is prepared as the heat settles in

David Bauch David Bauch
Robbie DeLoach Robbie DeLoach

With the heat advisory Tuesday and hot temperatures expected in South Georgia most of the week, it's important to make sure your car is prepared.

Driving down the road is something many people take for granted. But cars need regular maintenance and without it you could end up stranded on the side of the road, which could put you at risk for heat related illnesses when the temperatures are as hot as they are right now.

"Dehydration and other heat emergencies can slip on you pretty quickly and be pretty devastating," said David Bauch, EMS Administrative Director at South Georgia Medical Center in Valdosta.

Even if you think your car isn't at risk for breaking down, Robbie DeLoach, owner of Deloach Automotive in Valdosta, said it's best to go ahead and check your car before you hit the road again, even if you're not planning on being gone for very long.

"You wanna check all your fluids first," DeLoach said as he stood in front of a car in his shop and gestured to different areas under the hood of the car. "You wanna check your engine oil, your transmission fluid, and all your containers under the hood are all transparent so you can see through them and check your levels."

DeLoach said the main thing he sees during hot weather is people bringing their cars in to get their air conditioners fixed. That doesn't mean though that your car won't still break down. And, chances are that if your car does break down you may not be able to use your AC. 

All the more reason to check the vitals on your car before you head off in this heat. But, if your car does breakdown... "We recommend not sitting in your car...have a safety kit or emergency kit in the trunk of your vehicle that should contain some bottled water," said Bauch.

Cool advice for these hot temperatures.

DeLoach also reminded people to look for cracking on the outside of their tires. That is an indicator that the tires may be old and brittle which could increase your chance of having a blowout and potentially becoming stranded in this heat.

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