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Two counties have warrants on suspected golf cart thief

Stewart has his golf cart back Stewart has his golf cart back

Tips led to the arrest of Richard Bodiford Junior, in a Dothan, Alabama motel room Friday. Dothan police police surprised Bodiford and took him into custody on warrants from Lee and Dougherty Counties.

He is wanted in Lee Co. for stealing a pickup truck from  Finnicum Motors. The truck was found days later, abandoned at and Albany grocery store.

He is the man that Albany authorities say stole a golf cart from the carport of a disabled preacher last week.  Bill Stewart's customized golf cart was  featured on WALB, and tips led authorities to find it on Patterson Street, near Radium Springs. Stewart, an Episcopalian priest, said the golf cart was worth about $7,400.  

"From our understanding his vehicle broke down on Radium Springs Road, and he was left walking that night.  He came across this golf cart and decided to steal it," said Lt. Chad Kirkpatrick, Dougherty Co. Police.

Richard Bodiford Jr. has a long history of trouble with the law. Officers arrested then 22-year-old Richard Bodiford Jr. in December 2011 for a burglary at Schnitzer Southeast Recycling Center  

He was arrested in March of 2013 for grabbing a Leesburg man's phone and dragging him with his car at the Albany Mall. The man suffered minor injuries.

Bodiford is being held in the Lee County jail.

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