Checkers players in Albany for National tournament

Checkers players in Albany for National tournament
     Nearly one hundred of the best checkers players from around the country are in Albany for a National Tournament.   

The 49th American Pool Checker Association Tournament kicked off here a few hours ago and competitors will be playing until midnight. It's the first time the Albany Pool Checker club has hosted the event and it's turning out to be a success.

After each move these players analyze the board and patiently decide their next move which could make or break the game.

"From the surface it looks like such a simple game, but once you learn the different moves and look into it it's an absolutely intriguing game,” said Wayne Lockheart, National Tournament Director.

Many of these players traveled hours to be a part of the tournament, like 98-year-old George Robinson who took a 14 hour bus ride from Toledo, Ohio to be here.

"I study during the year trying to keep my game going because these young fellows are getting smarter now you know because I want to give them some competition,” said George Robinson, Player.

Robinson is the oldest player in the tournament and has attended every national tournament but one. He says his favorite tournament was the one in the Bahamas.

"Going to the Bahamas,” said Robinson. “I've never been to the Bahamas, so that was a treat for me to go that year."

The National Director says playing checkers is good for your memory skills.

"It's been scientifically proven,” said Lockheart. “People that play board games such as Checkers, Chess also, but it's been proven that there's a 70 percent less chance that they would develop Alzheimer’s."

Robinson agrees.

"It improves your memory for one thing and keeps you young keeps your mind going,” said Robinson.

These minds will continue to stay active through the tournament on Thursday.

Play will start again tomorrow at 8:00 a.m. The Awards and Banquet Ceremony will be here on Thursday at 6 p.m.  Spectators are invited to come out and watch these guys compete.

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