Controversy over Tuner Co. High school Mascot

Controversy over Tuner Co. High school Mascot

ASHBURN, GA (WALB) - Some people in Turner County want to change the Turner County High School nickname from the Rebels.

They plan to take their concerns to the school board tonight.

"Since I was in High school I've never been a fan of the Rebel" Cornelius Ball said.

Turner County Board of education member Cornelius Ball wants to get rid of the Turner County Middle High School Mascot the Rebel.

"There is two ends of the spectrum you got of lot of people who love it and a lot of people who hate it," Cornelius Ball said.

Ball says the conversation got started on Facebook where there were more than 300 comments from both sides. He says it got attention because of the Confederate flag debate in South Carolina.

"Most people view it as offensive and I don't disagree with them,"Cornelius Ball said.

Despite some of the strong views expressed on Ball's Facebook account, not many people including the School Board Interim Superintendent and the School's Principal, wanted to speak on the matter.  One resident told me, it's no big deal.

"To me it's just a mascot it doesn't stand for anything other than that just to me," Missy May said.

Ball says the discussion of the mascot will be brought up in tonight's school board meeting. Ball says he wants to get the message of unity across.

"This is an opportunity for us to unite and to have something we all can be proud of ," Cornelius Ball said.

Ball believes the ultimate decision should be left up to the students.

"I think the kids if we give them the opportunity to have their voice heard and let them vote. And what ever that decision is we should all just live with it," Cornelius Ball said.

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