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Big ships in Savannah impact streets in Cordele

Public Works Director Steve Fulford Public Works Director Steve Fulford
Cordele Intermodal CFO Ed Vaughn Cordele Intermodal CFO Ed Vaughn

As more cargo ships come into the Port of Savannah, it's having an impact right here in Southwest Georgia. Folks at Cordele Intermodal say this project shows state and local leaders understand the road's importance.

Hundreds of trucks a week and thousands a month go up and down Burnett Boulevard every day, and as more freight gets shipped across Georgia, that number could grow.

"You're talking about significant volume so you're talking anywhere from 200 to 300 trucks in a few years coming down this road on a daily basis," said Cordele Intermodal CFO Ed Vaughn.

There's just one, glaring problem. The road is full of massive pot holes. "This road was not built to withstand that kind of traffic," said Public Works Director Steve Fulford.

For that reason, public works director Steve Fulford has made it his mission to get this road re-done. "We don't need trucks trying to dodge pot halls and stuff in the road. Big pot holes."

State leaders are now on board, pledging half of the $450,000 to re-do Burnett Boulevard. A quick ride up the road shows the need for this project. "What we going to have to do is actually dig up the road, put about eight inches of base and about five more inches of asphalt on top of that," said Fulford.

Cordele Intermodal is just one business excited for the project, as they compete for more freight.

"It's good for our business. It's good for the local economy. We're trying to bring more and more people in here whether it's warehousing distribution. So if you have the infrastructure to support that, that's always a good thing when you're showing prospects that come visit your community," said Vaughn.

Fulford says the project will get underway soon, so it can be finished by the end of the year. The project will be done in two phases. After Burnett Boulevard is done, Fulford hopes to re-do 13th Avenue as well.

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