Pipeline issue continues to weigh heavy on Albany

Pipeline issue continues to weigh heavy on Albany

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Time is ticking, but that hasn't stopped Jerry Funderburk from fighting for his family, and the members of his community.

They're worried about losing their homes if Sabal Trail decides to build a compressor station at the new proposed site off Oakridge.

"I will go to car to car, I will go to door to door, I will speak to anybody in town just ask them to please help,"Jerry Funderburk said.

Funderburk was one of many at Countryside Village who received a letter stating they may have to leave.

"Sabal what they done is they sent out a letter either we going to have to move or they going to do an eminent  domain,"Funderburk said.

During a  community meeting Code enforcement officers said if they do build the compressor station off Oakridge, they could be in violation of the city's noise ordinance.

"We are challenged to enforce the noise ordinance in the city of Albany and it's got an established sound level decibel readings that are acceptable in different districts and we're challenged to enforce that ordinance," Robert Carter said.

Albany City Commissioner Roger Marietta says he's also concerned about noise.

"The noise is like a washing machine, a lawn mower a couple doors down 24/7," Roger Murrietta said.

And Marietta says the pipeline won't benefit Albany or South Georgia.

So he's encouraging residents to contact the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

"I've been saying a comment a day may keep the pipeline away,"Murrietta said.

Which could help keep Funderburk from losing his home.

"Please go online read about it, study about it, see what's going on because it could potentially might not just effect us but Albany itself," Funderburk said. 
Marietta says the deadline to send in your concerns to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission is July the 20th.