Woman raises money for kidney transplant

Woman raises money for kidney transplant

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - After nearly two decades of waiting, an Albany woman is getting a kidney transplant.  This weekend family and friends will hold motorcycle ride to raise money for Chakeeta Jones. She's excited, and thankful for the support.

Chakeeta Jones has learned a lot about life while waiting for a kidney transplant, and she's stayed strong through the support of family. "I am a praying person. I'm patient, and I know when something is for you, you gonna get it."

Jones was just 25 years old when her kidneys failed. She had high blood pressure, and didn't know it... from then on her life changed forever.

"I wasn't sick at all. No headaches, no nothing, and by the time I did get sick, and started to hold fluid, it was too late."

Jones visits the Dialysis Clinic Inc. three times a week for treatment. "Its something to deal with, and a lot of people be tired, but I thank God I'm able to move about. I usually go across from the YMCA."

And when she's not at dialysis she works to raise money for medical expenses. It hasn't been easy, but she's formed a close relationship with God. "To get to this point is, awesome, it's a miracle man."

And her life challenges have inspired her family, especially her son, Jeremie. "Her ambition, here determination, her endurance, to put up with things that most people would have gave up on."

And tomorrow the community will show their support with a benefit ride for Jones. "People were telling me even though they don't ride motorcycles, they would stop by, and a make a donation so I'm happy about that."

But she's gained something special through all this. "The best thing I got out of this is my salvation. Getting to know Jesus. That's the best thing, and I tell people because of that I don't regret my kidney failure at all."

Registration for the motorcycle run will start at 9:30 tomorrow morning at Powersports Plus on Kensington Court. For more info, call 229-789-3523, or 229-395-7679.

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