Make vaccines part of back-to-school checklist

Make vaccines part of back-to-school checklist
Ashley Turner, mother
Ashley Turner, mother
Remy Hutchins
Remy Hutchins

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - It's never too early to start that back-to-school do to list for your kids. And while many of us think of school supplies and new clothes, you should also add vaccines to the list.

Parenting is a 24 hour job, kids can be a handful.

"Oh yeah, they are but I wouldn't change a thing," said Ashley Turner.

The mother of two has created her own schedule to keep up with their routine vaccinations.

"I don't want school to come around, it's time for her to start and then I have to go figure out what she has," said Turner.

But that's what some parents do--wait.

"Parents are out and enjoying their summer and they don't think about it until the very last minute."

The Dougherty County Health Department is urging parents to set up appointments now.

"It will be easier for both the parents and the staff here to serve them quickly and efficiently," said Dougherty County Health Department Director Remy Hutchins.

Otherwise you could be sitting in waiting room for up to two hours during the back-to-school rush.

"Your child needs to be seen for checkups, regular checkups," Turner continued.  "And I don't think parents should wait on that."

The big focus is on pre-k, kindergarten and entering 7th graders to get their mumps, measles and t-dap shots. Turner says with some
parents against vaccinations she wants to make sure her kids are protected, plus it's Georgia law for students.

"Children have been sent home if they are not immunized," Hutchins said.

"You need shots to get your kids in daycare," Turner said. "And some summer programs, parents need to definitely stay on top of it."

Hutchins says they have vaccines that can fit your budget at little or no cost.

School begins August 5th for Dougherty County students.

To set up an appointment call the health department at (229) 430-6300.

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