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Molly will mess up your brain

Bainbridge Public Safety Captain Mark Esquivel Bainbridge Public Safety Captain Mark Esquivel
Drug Squad Commander Kevin Lee Drug Squad Commander Kevin Lee

Drug agents say more south Georgia teens and young adults are using a drug commonly known as "Molly."

A Bainbridge suspect that officers believe was under the influence of Molly bangs his head on the seat in front of him.

 "I think it's the new thing out there.  And the younger generation sees it and they've tried it and some of them have gotten, I guess, what they've expected out of it," said Bainbridge Public Safety Captain Mark Esquivel.

But Esquivel says the problem with this synthetic drug is that crime lab results show no consistency in its chemical makeup. "With Molly, they're adding all kinds of stuff.  And you never know what you're going to get."

A concern that resonates in Thomas County as well.  Drug Squad Commander Kevin Lee says the Molly they recover is not the typical pure crystalline powder form of Methylenedioxy-methamphetamine, or MDMA

"We'll test it for MDMA when it comes in, but when you send it off to the crime lab, it could come back to something totally different. You don't know what these people are putting in there. You don't know that chemical compound because I can't even pronounce it," said Kevin Lee, Thomas Co. Narcotics Commander.      

Officers say the combination of those chemicals can often cause severe reactions... such as erratic behavior-- even death.  Officers say the recent dramatic increase in Molly arrests correlates with the higher prices of other drugs.

"Guys and girls that were selling cocaine and crack cocaine are now selling Molly because cocaine is more expensive now," Lee said.

Investigators don't predict the Molly trend to end anytime soon, but they believe warning their community about these potentially fatal side effects may help.  

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