Getting kids hooked on golf

Getting kids hooked on golf

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Roy Snead says this was one of his favorite groups in 17 years of hosting "Hook a Kid on Golf."

For the 17th summer, the Flint River Golf Course manager led the three-day course introducing kids to the game of golf this week.

"Every year, I meet new kids who are interested in playing golf," Snead says. "This is just a fun thing. It's something I look forward to every year."

The enjoyment isn't just on Snead's end either.

"This is like an explosion for me," says 10 year old Jordan Sloan. "I like to hit the ball high, like to the 100 and 50 [yard markers]."

"My grandma plays golf, and this is something I wanted to try," says nine year old Skylar White. "I like hitting the driver because it's the biggest club."

The program spends the week teaching fundamental golf skills, as well as golf etiquette and drug awareness.

Snead says the lessons are what any new golfer must know.

"We start at what we call the tee level," he says. "The tee level simply represents teeing the ball, learning the stance, learning the grip, and the swing."

This summer, budget cuts hit "Hook a Kid" hard in Albany.

The program had only six kids this summer, partly due to a lack of funding.

But Snead says the smaller group may have been a blessing in disguise.

"I have a little bit more time to focus on each kid, and give them more attention," he says. "I'm excited about that."

Snead plans to continue to run the program, even without as much funding.

"We'll find other ways to get kids in the program," Snead says. "Normally, we charge a small fee. We may have to increase that fee."

After the camp, the kids get to keep their uniform and junior set of clubs. They also receive a certificate to play at Flint River for free with their parents.

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