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Falling tree slams AC unit

Harold Williams Harold Williams

In East Albany at the Coats and Clark Factory, a 100 year old Oak tree was pulled from the ground, slamming the business' ac unit after a heavy storm rocked large parts of Dougherty County Wednesday.

The damage is off the 400 block of Hobson Street in the alley way. You can see here the thick branch crushed the unit while the rest of the tree was draped over the resident's fence.

Neighbor Harold Williams says it was completely rotted and dead before the storms rolled through.

"And with the thunder within 10 minutes, it was on top of us. I mean it was blowing it was shaking my roof on the front. And I just couldn't believe that much wind was going. I looked out front and my whole front porch was wet."

Williams said if the tree had fallen north, it would have fallen on the back of his house. He said he's thankful no one was hurt.  

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