Severe weather causes damage to parts of Albany

Severe weather causes damage to parts of Albany

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - A lot of folks are cleaning up after powerful thunderstorms roared through Albany Wednesday evening.

Several trees are down across Albany today after storms rip through the city.

Heavy Rain poured down around South Georgia this evening.  High winds knocked down several trees in East Albany.

"It was raining it was fast. It was thunder storming and the trees blew all on the road. It blew the trashcans. It was terrible."

In West Albany, storms lifted up this carport in the 2800 block of Raybun Court and uprooted this tree causing damage next door to Brian Will's fence.

"I heard a scratching noise at the door. I looked outside I saw my cat running so I went out there and I opened up the door and saw that the tree had fell," said Brian Will.

Will's home happened to be the only house on his street with power.

"Yeah everyone of our neighbors came and nobody has power, but somehow this tree has made it to where we have power," said Brian Will.

Down the street, city crews worked to restore power to the traffic lights at the intersection of Gillionville and Westover. This tree was also knocked down in front of the Flash Foods. A couple blocks over at Avalon United Methodist church, a steeple is hanging by two cable cords. The church's new pastor says the steeple was damaged in previous storms.

"Well they've been working on it for a couple of years as far as hail hit it a couple of times and it was leaning when I first got here," said Debbie Cone.

Cone said this past Sunday the church prayed that the steeple wouldn't topple over.

"When I got here Sunday morning I started to preach. I told the people to pray that it didn't fall during the service and about time I said that it thundered real hard, but it didn't fall during the service," said Debbie Cone.

Storms also damaged the church's handicap parking sign and knocked over two trees.

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