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Civil Rights members rally in Homerville

Fer-Rell Malone, Sr. Fer-Rell Malone, Sr.

South Georgia Civil Rights members continued Wednesday to try to raise awareness about what they say is corruption in Clinch County.

Wednesday, members of the SCLC and Justice League United gathered outside the Clinch County Courthouse in Homerville. 

They were asking for the public to support them as they fight for an NAACP leader in Homerville who they said had been falsely accused of stalking a bail bondsman after he tried to take pictures of the bondsman's house from a public street for an investigation.

They also claimed that the sheriff's office was allowing the bondsman to put down insufficient collateral to bond people out.

"We bring clarity to it. Truth comes with clarity and justice comes with truth," emphasized Rev. Fer-Rell Malone, Sr., President of the Southeast Georgia SCLC, as he stood under the shade of a tree outside the courthouse and addressed the media in attendance.

WALB reached out to both the sheriff's office and the bondsman Wednesday, but received no comment.

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