State puts Radium Elementary on low performing list

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - The Dougherty Co. School System announced Wednesday that Radium Springs Elementary School has been added to the Georgia Department of Education's Focus Schools list.

For the last three years, Radium's bottom quarter of students were in the lowest 10% of achievement gap scores in the state. The state looks at English, Math, Science, Reading and Social Studies to make this analysis.

The school must improve its achievement gap score by 2.5 points to get off the under-performing list.

"It's disappointing to see a school get added to that list," Dr. Ufot Inyang, Associate Superintendent for Academic Services, said. "We're working hard to get schools off the focus and priority school lists. We'll take a look at the data and continue to make adjustments to improve the achievement gap scores."

On the plus side, Radium is consistently one of the system's better-performing schools in terms of achievement.

"The vast majority of students are doing very well at Radium Elementary. It's just that small segment, 25%, the lowest segment is where we need to make some adjustments," said DCSS spokesman J. D. Sumner.

 The scores are tabulated using what the state describes as one of its most complex formulas based on student performance.

According to the 2014 stats, 93% of Radium students scored at the "Meets or Exceeds" level for Reading; 85.8% for English/Language Arts; 82.6% for Mathematics; 75.4% in social studies; and 72.5 % in Science.

State DOE officials have not said what score equates to being above the lowest 10%.

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