Some people concerned about proposed pipeline

Some people concerned about proposed pipeline

DOUGHERTY CO., GA (WALB) - South Georgians are ramping up their fight against a proposed natural gas pipeline that would pass through multiple counties in our area.
 Folks in west Dougherty County are especially concerned.
At a community meeting Tuesday, Albany City Commissioner Roger Marietta handed out copies of this opposition letter and asked people to mail it to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission as they decide whether to approve the proposal.

Sabal Trail's proposed 41,000 horsepower compressor station could sit here near the backyard of Jerry Funderburk's home at the intersection of Lockett Station and West Oakridge.  He says it could displace his family.

"Us probably going to be uprooted and have to move without any kind of pay, without any help with anyone,"  said Jerry Funderburk, Concerned Resident.

Tuesday, Funderburk showed a slide presentation highlighting his concerns.  His top worry is people's health.

" Me myself I have asthma. My kids suffer from different kind of breathing problems," said Jerry Funderburk.

" We also have some research that a compressor station lowers property values," said Commissioner Roger Marietta.

Last month, the developers changed the proposed compressor station site from Newton Road to this area.  Critics say it's too close to two schools... hundreds of homes and Mt.Zion Baptist Church.

" We think that's unfair and we've complained to Congressman Bishop about it, but they gave us 30 days to comment on this new location," said Roger Marietta.

Funderburk and Marietta passed out these letters for residents to sign and mail to the Secretary of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission by July 20th.

"Our Goal is to move this Sabal Trail pipeline out of the state of Georgia, out of Dougherty County out of the city of Albany," continued Marietta.
Funderburk hopes the community will support his effort.

"We're hoping that more people here in Albany will support us on this even though it's not in your back yard. It is in someone's backyard," said Funderburk.

Commissioner Marietta is also asking people to put economic pressure on Florida Power and Light which would benefit from the pipeline by boycotting Florida tourist destinations.

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