Worth County Farmer hopes for more rain

Worth County Farmer hopes for more rain

WORTH CO., GA (WALB) - A few weeks ago Jimmy Bryan was concerned about how little rain he was seeing from the sky.

"It just didn't rain from about May the first it cut off. But we didn't get hardly any rain till about two weeks ago," Jimmy Bryan said.

Showers over the weekend were good news for him.

"We got about 4 or 5 inches in the past two weeks," Jimmy Bryan said.

Bryan keeps up with rainfall on his farm with a moisture detector.

"It sent a text message to me that said we got an inch in one place, an inch somewhere else," Jimmy Bryan said.

The device even measures moisture as far as 18 inches below the ground.

It can also alerted him about a moisture deficit on his farm.

"Well at one time it was showing two inches," Jimmy Bryan said.

Because the rain was able to make up for the deficit Bryan says that he is able to save some money.

" Cut off these pivots for a while and save some money," Jimmy Bryan said.

Bryan said during the dry spell he had to run the pivots all day long, he hopes to see more showers so he can keep them off.

"Mother nature is a lot cheaper and it's better too.

These next few weeks are very important for his peanut and cotton crops. Bryan hopes he will see more rain and spend less money.

"I hope it's going rain and come on a normal rain fall and a good rain fall for the next six weeks," Jimmy Bryan said.

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