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Police: Power equipment high of crime list

Ryan Phillips Ryan Phillips
APD's Brian Cleveland APD's Brian Cleveland

Albany Police tell us equipment thefts, especially lawn equipment, have increased this summer.   They warn you to safeguard costly items.

Phillips Lawn Service owner Ryan Phillips is using Social Media to try to recover his stolen Red Max backpack blower.  It was stolen off his work trailer July 4th while he was cutting the back yard of a client on West Broad Avenue. 

"It's a punch.  Because I have to start part of it over to earn the money to go get that again. So it hurts because jobs love to be extra clean," Ryan Phillips of Phillips Lawn Service.

Phillips posted information about the theft on his Facebook page, hoping to get it back.

Albany Police say thieves are targeting lawn equipment from professionals and homeowners. They say you need to lock up your equipment or store it out of sight and mark it.

"If it's on a trailer, make sure that you have all your verification numbers on it. Your serial numbers on it.  Make sure you have some type of identifiable marks that you have recorded somewhere," said Cpl. Brian Covington of APD.

Police say they're seeing lawn equipment thefts in all areas of the city.

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