Fire claims home, family keeps hope

Fire claims home, family keeps hope

MITCHELL CO., GA (WALB) - One family is thankful for the support of friends and family after losing everything in a fire.

Flames and smoke were still coming from that house Tuesday—more than 36 hours after it caught fire. The house is destroyed. The front part of the house is still standing, but nothing inside was saved.

Ronnie Mock looked through a few of the things left from his house. Almost everything is gone—little league trophies, old jewelry boxes, and some collector's China are a few victims. Even a grill was lost in the blaze.

The fire broke out in the living room around 2 AM Monday.

"Opened up the bedroom door and the whole back wall of the house was on fire," said Mock.

Mock went outside and grabbed a hose—thinking he would be able to douse the flames

"By the time I got back through the door it was out of control."

The fire spread and swallowed the home on Delwood Road before firefighters could even get on scene. The old home was leveled.

There were two things that escaped the fire though.

"My daughter's Bible from when she got baptized a few years ago and a diamond that she got for graduation," said Mock.

Those items are giving the Mocks hope, and the family plans to rebuild.

"We ain't going to leave our place. We going to.. Just be a new home, but we aren't leaving our place. We've been here 18 years, and we aren't going [anywhere]," said Mock.

People in nearby communities are lending a helping hand to the Mocks—giving them food, clothes, and even donating money.

"People have really, really come together and helped us out and we really appreciate it and love all of them," said Mock.

Mock said even though his possessions are gone, he still has his family and his dog, and that's all that really matters to him.
If you're interested in helping out the Mocks, a link to their GoFund me is here. The fire looks to be the result of some electrical problem.

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