Thief steals cart, man's independence

Thief steals cart, man's independence
The cart was taken from the carport
The cart was taken from the carport

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - A disabled Dougherty County man says thieves stole part of his independence when they stole his golf cart early Monday morning. Bill Stewart's customized golf cart was his transportation to enjoy the outdoors.

Now someone has stolen the golf cart, and he is hoping to get it back.

Stewart suffers from post-polio syndrome, and today has only his power chair to get around.  Because someone stole his prize customized golf cart Monday. "It's my independence," he said.

We shot a story earlier this year with Stewart, riding in his golf cart on the old Radium Springs golf course. A retired Episcopalian Priest, Stewart said that was his way of enjoying the outdoors....and remembering when he could hike and camp.

 "And I would a couple of times a day take that and go out on the golf course.  And run into the turkey and the deer and the hog and everything that's out there. And just enjoy watching the changing seasons."

But some crook ended Stewart's nature rides, when they stole his prized golf cart from his carport early Monday.
"So they got a good one," Stewart laughed. "They got a really good one.  It was in good shape.  It was street legal, it's got headlights, seat belts, and the low speed caution lights. And a good set of batteries."

Stewart said the golf cart was worth about $7,400.  Now retired, he does not know if he can afford to replace it, which would mean the end of his daily nature rides-- a heart breaking thought. Asked if he'll see it again, Stewart said "No.  I would like to."

Dougherty County Police are investigating the golf cart theft. If you have any information, call CRIMESTOPPERS at 436-TIPS. You can stay anonymous and earn a reward.

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