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Norman Park shocked after a deadly shooting.

Bahan Rich of the GBI Bahan Rich of the GBI
Hester's neighbor Eguiena Spires Hester's neighbor Eguiena Spires

GBI agents say they know that John Hester was shot in front of his house late last night on Highway 256, but the rest, they are trying to figure out.

"We're still trying to determine where that took place," Bahan Rich of the GBI said.

Hester was sent to Colquitt Regional then transferred to Archbold Memorial hospital, where he passed away. Investigators are now trying to uncover the other details.  Agent Bahan Rich says Hester did pull out a shotgun and got into an argument with a person in a vehicle and then shot at either the car or person.

"We're are still, like I said, conducting interviews to determine where it happened around the residence and what events transpired before the shooting occurred," Rich said.

Hester's neighbor Eguiena Spires is in shock at what happened to her 68-year-old neighbor. "Oh my goodness… scary," Spires said.

Spires said she didn't see anything but heard a gunshot.  "I jump up out my window to see what had happen but I couldn't see anything it was dark," said Spires.

Spires describes her neighbors as good people, who share vegetables with her and her sick husband. "They're wonderful, wonderful neighbors couldn't ask for better neighbors," Spires said.

She says Hester's daughter lives next door and the son lives across the street. Spires said she can't even begin to imagine what the family must be going through. "I can't imagine, cannot imagine."

The GBI is asking for anyone with information to please come forward and call their office in Thomasville or the Colquitt County Sheriff's Office. 

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