Woman hit by possible celebratory gunfire

Woman hit by possible celebratory gunfire

TURNER CO., GA (WALB) - A woman is asking gun users to be smart after she was hit by a bullet likely fired in celebration of July 4th over the weekend.

Michasia  Harris and Winfred Dowdy were about to go to bed when the stray bullet came through their bathroom wall.
They're thankful it wasn't worse.

Harris is back on her feet Monday, two days after an errant bullet flew through her mobile home on Carter Road.

"We were just cleaning up to go to bed and we hear this 'pow' and it sounded like a fire cracker. Next thing I know, I just feel this burning and stinging in my leg," said Harris.

The bullet hit Harris on her left hip after going through the side panel. 
Her fiance, a Worth County deputy, quickly jumped up to help her.

"Basically I was more worried about her, and then I got to thinking about, Do I have any enemies?' since I'm in law enforcement," said Winfred Dowdy.

The couple called the Turner County Sheriff's Office who turned the investigation over to the GBI, and right now, they believe the shooting could be a result of celebratory gunfire.

Dowdy hopes this incident shows the dangers of aimlessly shooting.

"You're not going to know where the bullet's going to go. When you fire off a round, it can travel a good distance," said Dowdy.

"If you're going to shoot guns, I just wish you'd have a target, or you'd have something in the background to stop it. Just be aware of your surroundings," said Harris.

So far, investigators have no idea who fired the shot, but anyone who knows is asked to come forward.

"We'd really like to know. It would help our peace of mind to know exactly what went on instead of having the unknown," said Harris.

Even with that unknown, this couple knows it could have been much worse. 
Harris said the bullet is still in her leg, but she hopes to be fully recovered in a couple of weeks.

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