Citizens express increased crime concerns

Citizens express increased crime concerns
Harold Williams is worried
Harold Williams is worried

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - East Albany neighborhood watch groups will host a community meeting to fight crime Monday evening at the East Albany Police District office. Albany and Dougherty County Police will be there to listen to concerns.

Neighborhood watch captains say people need to get involved to protect their homes.

Harold Williams is worried as he patrols his Colonial Village Neighborhood, because he is seeing crime increasing on his street.
"Burglary. Burglary. Breaking into houses," said Williams.

Albany Police sent out a warning last week about dramatically increasing burglaries and entering autos in East Albany.  Bicycles and lawn equipment have been stolen in Williams' neighborhood in recent weeks, and he says people need to be on guard.

"A lot of these school kids are out of school.  Another thing I'm concerned about, people knocking on the door, and somebody walk in. Come back and let somebody in the house.  We got to let people know don't let nobody in the house," Williams said.

East Albany neighborhood watch captains say their members can't relax, or criminals will take advantage.  In tonight's meeting they will ask more people to get involved in neighborhood watch,  working together to safeguard their streets.

"I want them to keep their eyes out. If something doesn't look right, call 911.  I mean most of our people are elderly people."
And Williams thinks that is one reason East Albany is being targeted by crooks.   They hope to organize those people to watch out for crooks, and stop this increase in break-ins and thefts.

Organizers of tonight's meeting say they want more people to get involved in neighborhood watches, and they will help neighbors set one up if they are not part of one now.

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