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Millions tentatively set aside for possible Valdosta bus system

Corey Hull Corey Hull
John Denson John Denson
Curtis Samuels, Jr. Curtis Samuels, Jr.

For many Valdostans, walking or riding a bicycle is the only way they can get around town.

The Valdosta-Lowndes Metropolitan Planning Organization announced Monday that it had set aside $72 million in its proposed 2040 transportation vision plan for a potential public transportation system in the city.

But...that's all the proposed plan included as of Monday when it comes public transportation. A lot of money set aside, but no actual plans for a system.

"The transit system we're proposing only included a dollar amount for that because we don't know what the details of that transit system would be," explained MPO Coordinator Corey Hull.

John Denson said he would love to see a public bus system in the city and he's glad to see the MPO taking the first step towards making that a reality. "[A] lot of people need them buses, man. There's a lot of old people that aint got cars. There's not that many cabs around here, so yeah, they need them," Denson responded as he sat on his bicycle in Smith Park. 

Curtis Samuels, Jr. said having a public bus system would really help improve the quality of life in the city, especially for citizens such as himself who rely on walking or riding a bike to get around.

"Most of 'em, they don't wanna walk or ride their bicycles," Samuels, Jr. explained.

As of Monday, with the MPO having opened the door for the possibility of a public transit system in the city, perhaps in a few years they won't have to.

The proposed 2040 transportation vision plan includes more than just money for a potential bus system though. To view the full plan, click here. The MPO planned to take public comment on the proposed plan until August 7th.

They will make any necessary changes after that and vote on the final version of the plan on September 2nd.

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