Lightning strikes destroys the back of a Lee County home

Lightning strikes destroys the back of a Lee County home

Claire Lang is happy to know  her neighbors are ok after a devastating house fire.

"You can't imagine of being in their shoes of what they got to face," Claire Lang said.

Earlier this afternoon Lang said she could hear lightning hit something, but didn't think it was her neighbor's home. 
"We heard it, and knew it hit but we didn't think it would be a house," Lang said.

A mom and her two sons were inside the home at the time. Everyone made it out safely, including the family pet. 
"The smoke alarm went off and that let them know the house was on fire," Lt. Paul Rouse said.

Lt. Paul Rouse with the Lee County Sheriff's department said that it took all five units to get the fire under control. 
"They said it was a fully involved fire they said they called for all fire units," Lt. Rouse said.

Lang lives across the street and saw the flames from her house. 
"First you saw a lot of smoke you know it's probably on the top of the house and then the longer it went the flames of course started coming."

Neighbors watched in shock as crews did what they could to put out the blaze.  
"Just not use to seeing that here,"Lang said.

Fire officials say the back part of the home is completely destroyed. 
"It's completely gone,"Lt. Rouse said.