Knowing how to use your fire extinguisher could be life saving

Knowing how to use your fire extinguisher could be life saving
With many of us planning to grill and light fireworks this weekend, firefighters want to make sure you are ready should something go wrong.

That includes not only having a working fire extinguisher, but knowing how to use it.

It's a scary thought, a fire destroying your home.

That's why firefighters urge folks to be prepared.

Every year they host dozens of demonstrations to get people in the community educated.

But fire officials are always surprised by the amount of people who dont have a fire extinguisher or know how to use one.

"You see so many fire extinguishers in businesses but the person in those businesses don't actually know how to work the fire extinguisher," says Assistant Fire Chief Sebon Burns.

So we asked folks. And many said in the case of an emergency they thought they could get it done.

"I think I probably could in the even that it was required. It probably wouldn't be pretty," says Albany Resident Barbara Pettis.
And most had a pretty good idea how to use it.

"There's a little pin and you pull it out and you get the nozzle and you squirt it everywhere whenever there's a fire," says Albany resident Taylor Ho.

The simple word
pass can help you remember.

Pull the pin, aim the nozzle, squeeze the handle, and sweep back and forth at the base of the fire, says Burns.

s also important to make sure you store your fire extinguisher in the proper place. 

But where is that?

"We keep one in the garage," says Taylor Ho.

"It is right by my back door as you walk in through the garage," says Pettis.

Fire officials urge folks NOT to store it in the kitchen.

"We teach not to store the fire extinguisher next to the stove because if you have a fire, your going to have a fire right next to the stove,” says Burns.
And if you don’t have one, make sure you get one, because you never know when an emergency could happen.

"It's very important to have, when you need it. It's very very important to have," says Pettis.
You can call 229-431-3262 to schedule an appointment with the Albany Fire Department.

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