Storm knocks two women, four dogs out of home

Storm knocks two women, four dogs out of home

SYLVESTER, GA (WALB) - Two women are looking for a place to live after a tree landed on their house in last night's storm.
The damage caused a small electrical fire in the attic.

Crews were able to move the tree off the top of the house, but you can see the back yard is covered with the limbs of this huge oak tree. it crushed their fence, and just missed a nearby dog crate.

"It tore the power wires down. There's the wires laying over there."

An American Red Cross volunteer looked at destruction caused by Thursday night's storm. 
Michael Shivok makes trips like these often as bad storms wreak havoc across their 16-county area almost every day during the summer months.

"We notice a little increase when these storms start popping up and trees start falling over the different areas," said Shivok.

This house is just the most recent victim. A dead oak tree near the front door was toppled by strong gusts of wind. The power lines were snapped like thin rope.

"You're reaching out and giving them a hope," said Shivok.

The American Red Cross is paying for the residents to stay in a motel in Sylvester for the next couple nights.

"We thank the people that donate to the Red Cross and the companies that donate to the Red Cross. That's how we're able to do these things," said Shivok.

But that money and help is being stretched thin as calls for help increase--meaning your generosity is needed.

"We always need donations and we always need volunteers. We need people that's willing to come out and give up there time to help people at their darkest times," said Shivok.

The homeowners are looking for a new place to live, but Shivok says they'll continue offering help as long as they can. Neither of those residents wanted to speak on camera, but if you would like to help them out or just donate to the red cross, click here.

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