Holiday weekend could be one of the most dangerous for drivers

Holiday weekend could be one of the most dangerous for drivers
GSP Shawn Urquhart
GSP Shawn Urquhart

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - According to a recent report, this holiday weekend could be one of the deadliest for drivers.

"Everybody is in a hurry, they want to leave late and speed to get to where they want to go, " said Georgia State Patrol Officer Shawn Urquhart.

The National Safety Council predicts over 400 deaths due to dangerous driving on the roadways, the most since 2008.

That's why GSP officers are urging anyone behind the wheel to practice good safety by buckling up. Parents should always use car seats for children. Also, avoiding the use of cell phones as well as alcohol, even getting enough sleep can play a role in your safety.

"We have worked a lot of crashes where people fall asleep while they're driving," said Urquhart.

Officers say if you're feeling drowsy, stop and pull over to rest.

The NSC also states that 37% more highway deaths will occur on the fourth of July than any other day in the month.

GSP says they believe one of the contributing factors could be drivers speeding to get to their destination. They recommend leaving early to beat traffic and reduce your speed to the posted limit. For the next few days, officers will have increased patrol on the highways.

"75% of our manpower is working," said Urquhart

The NSC says the the higher the traffic, the number of accidents go up as well as the death toll.

For Albany resident Chris Sadberry, he's is skipping the traffic, he says this weekend is all about relaxing.

"I don't really care to be on the highway going to the beaches and stuff," said Sadberry. "I'd rather stay at home and cook for myself."

But for everyone else hitting the roads, be mindful of other drivers to ensure you make it to your destination safely.

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