Editorial: Affordable Care Act

Last week The Supreme Court of the United States in a 6-3 vote, upheld the issue of federal subsidies for the Affordable Care Act.
Even justices Roberts and Kennedy two Republican appointees, agreed with the decision. 
Now that this issue has been settled once and for all, it's time for the state of Georgia to move to expand Medicare and Medicaid.
Georgia is one of the 16 states, colored here in Orange, where Republican leadership refused to make any change that might assist Obama Care in any way. 
Look at the comparison with the two states nearest Georgia, Kentucky and Arkansas, that did expand Medicaid and reduced the number of citizens without health coverage by 50%.  

We agree with Joel Wernick of Phoebe Putney Hospital, that South Georgia hospitals are missing out on federal funds to support badly needed healthcare,
that would be available through an expansion of Medicare and Medicaid in Georgia. 
 "I hope as soon as possible that our state's leadership can come to an innovative approach that will allow those desperately needed resources to flow into the state," said Joel Wernick. 
This issue has now been settled by the Supreme Court…the political games should end…It's time for Georgia to eliminate this gap in healthcare coverage, and expand Medicaid.

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