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Gunshots barely miss Americus girl

Kim Jordan Kim Jordan
Interim Chief Herman Lamar Interim Chief Herman Lamar

An Americus woman is thankful after a stray bullet flew through her apartment, narrowly missing her daughter. Police are still tracking down who fired that shot, yesterday morning around 11:30.

Police actually had to come back for a second time once Kim Jordan realized the bullet went through her door.

"It sounded like a loud firework, but you could tell it was a gunshot." That gunshot pierced Kim Jordan's front door and flew through her living room. "It ended up over here," said Jordan.

It missed her young daughter sitting on the couch by just a few feet. "She heard it and it frightened her; she jumped up and ran," said Jordan.

The bullet came from somewhere within the apartment complex off Lonnie Lane in broad daylight, and police have not been able to find out who fired it.

"It's quite alarming anytime you have gunshots fired within an apartment complex area because those projectiles, you never know where they are going," said Interim Chief Herman Lamar with the Americus Police Department.

"People should be able to walk out their front door and not be afraid or feel a certain way because of the area that you live in," said Jordan.

For that reason, Jordan and her daughters are moving, they're thankful but scared. "I just thank God for sparing my life. There's been so much going on but I just thank God for taking care of me and my kids," said Jordan.

She hopes this near-tragic situation opens the eyes of people acting carelessly. "People will think twice before they open fire in a neighborhood. You shouldn't be shooting just openly," said Jordan.

Jordan tells me she hopes to help police find who did this as soon as possible. Neighbors and possible witnesses are not cooperating with investigators.

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