Albany church and city leaders pray for our nation

Albany church and city leaders pray for our nation
Just a few days before Americans celebrate Independence Day,  Albany church and city leaders gathered Wednesday to pray for our nation.
First Christian Church hopes to start a movement in Southwest Georgia to create peace, love, and unity.
Heads were bowed and eyes were closed as the community gathered for 30 minutes of prayer for our Nation at First Christian Church.
"We're here trying to lift up our Lord before the people and life up our needs to him," said Tommy Lowery, Minister of First Christian Church. 
The prayer comes as we prepare to celebrate America's 239th birthday.
" We're really lucky to be in a country that we have the freedoms that we have to pray to God and to do what pretty much we want to do," said Billy Gaskins, Elder at First Christian Church.

"A lot of people fought and gave their lives for it, but God gave us the gift of this country to have a place to worship and I feel like America is forgetting that," said Tommy Lowery.

It also comes in the midst of violent uproar in communities across the Country.

"There's just so much violence," said Tommy Lowery.

They prayed for churches, families, law enforcement officials and city leaders across the nation. Albany's own City leaders, Commisioner B.J. Fletcher and Dougherty County Coroner Michael Fowler were guest speakers.

I see so much grief and so much sorrow going on, the homicide cases, child death. I mean we need to be praying for one another because we are so blessed, we don't realize how blessed we are," said Michael Fowler.

"This is about God, this is about our community and that's the two things I love more than anything,
said B.J. Fletcher.
They ended the ceremony singing God Bless America reminding us of the sweet home we sometimes take for granted.

We don't realize the importance of having God in our life and having God in our city because this could be a whole lot worse," said Michael Fowler.

The church plans to make this an annual event.  

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