Red Cross volunteers home from Texas

Red Cross volunteers home from Texas

MOULTRIE, GA (WALB) - After spending nearly a month aiding Flood victims in Texas, two Red Cross volunteers are back home in Moultrie.

Mark and Connie Fleetwood are understandably tired after feeding and assisting those in need in the Lone Star state. But they both say it was well worth it.

Mark and Connie Fleetwood are back home after aiding people affected by flooding in Texas.
"The first thing you noticed you know when you get on our route was anything that was from waist high. that would be in your house was in their front yard," said  Connie. Fleetwood.

When coming into Houston it was hard for them to see people, just like them, having to start over. "It was beautiful homes beautiful yards and everything in it.. they had lost everything," said  Connie. Fleetwood.

For about a month, the Fleetwoods spent time in several different cities. "Our day would start at seven but sometimes we didn't get back to the hotel until eight or nine o'clock."

They witnessed  people just trying to survive the damage. Including a woman who traveled through three counties to a shelter where they volunteered. "She said this is the first real meal I've had in three weeks and a half weeks I was so hungry but I made it. that made it worth while."

Even the Fleetwoods had to spend the night on a wrestling mat as they anticipated people seeking shelter during Tropical Storm Bill. "We were in a meeting where the boss man said that tropical bill was coming and suggested we get a little bit a rest because we didn't know what was fixing to happen."

Although they are tired and Mr. Fleetwood is a little sick, they say they wouldn't trade the experience for the world. "There were long days but I wouldn't trade it for anything."

The Fleetwoods stayed longer than the average Red Cross volunteer.  They stress the organization needs more volunteers, and they encourage you to sign up.

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