New Georgia laws take effect July 1st

New Georgia laws take effect July 1st
Aerial fireworks legal
Aerial fireworks legal

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Many changes are in store for Georgia as multiple new laws take effect July 1st.

The new gas tax law is one of those laws. It created a flat tax rate of 26 cents a gallon. However, experts say you shouldn't see a huge spike right away.

Triple-A expects many stations to phase in increases over a few days and they predict prices will only go up 6 or 7-cents a gallon.

The same law creates a 5 dollar a night hotel fee as well. It also changes vehicle fees for alternative fuel vehicles. It eliminates the tax break when purchasing electric cars and adds a new $200 registration fee.

Fireworks made their way to Georgia from these new laws. Aerial fireworks are legal to buy and sell starting July 1st.

Changes will also take place with the alcohol laws. Breweries will be given more leniency, allowing them to charge for tours and provide beer as a souvenir.

Another change in alcohol laws allows minors that are 16 and 17 years old in possession of alcohol to be given a citation instead of getting arrested.

Another new law creates a state registry for child abusers, like the one for sex offenders. However, this can only be viewed by government officials.

These laws go into effect starting July 1st.

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