Baconton 8U All-Stars chase state title

Baconton 8U All-Stars chase state title

BACONTON, GA (WALB) - The Baconton 8U All-Stars believe they have what it takes to bring home the Dixie Youth Baseball state title this weekend.

The team, which has been together only about a month, has already won three tournaments to earn a spot at the state tournament in Manchester.

Head coach Bo Morey says it's been fun to watch the team grow and improve, and he says they are planning on winning the whole thing.

When they do, they're bringing the title back to their small hometown.

"It gives us momentum to want to be recognized and want to win," says Morey. "One of our most popular cheers is 'Where we from? Baconton.' So we're proud to represent Baconton."

The players are excited to play at this stage and they feel their chances are good.

"We've done so good, we've been so good, and we listen to what our coaches say," says third baseman Colton Suggs.

"We have a big heart," says second baseman Turner Morey. "If we have the heart that we've been playing with, we'll be able to win state."

Play in the Dixie Youth Baseball state championship begins this weekend.

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