Remembering swimming safety over the holiday weekend

Remembering swimming safety over the holiday weekend

LAKE BLACKSHEAR, GA (WALB) - Over at Lake Blackshear, folks are also stressing safety on the water for the holiday weekend just days after a Sylvester man drowned there.

Officials at Veterans State Park said it's important for swimmers to stay within the designated area outlined by yellow boundary lines.

They said never swim alone and get out of the water if you begin to feel tired.

They said going beyond the designated area can be dangerous.

"If you go out past the buoy line, the yellow buoy line it drops off pretty quickly out there. Up to the buoy line is 5 and 6 feet. After the buoy line it can get up to 10, 12 feet very quickly," said Jeb Bell, Georgia Veterans State Park.

Officials said you should stay away from emergency life rings unless they are needed to save a life and they remind you that alcohol is prohibited in the public use areas of the state park.

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