Folks gearing up to buy fireworks

Folks gearing up to buy fireworks

CORDELE, GA (WALB) - In less than an hour, exploding fireworks will be legal in Georgia and some folks will buy them the minute they become legal.

At 12:01, Midnight Madness is set to kick off here in this store next to the Harvey's Supermarket on 16th Avenue. Workers expect to sell out of fireworks the first day.

Workers with TNT Fireworks are preparing to kick off Midnight Madness in Cordele where hundreds of pounds of fireworks will be stored. At 12:01 the doors will be open to sell exploding fireworks for the first time legally in Georgia and Norris Mathis plans to be the first in line.

“I'm going to come out here tonight when they open up and buy my son some. We're going to have some fun on the fourth with them and everything," said Norris Mathis.

The new law increases the amount of gun powder in Class C Fireworks from 300 kilograms to 500 kilograms. Sellers must have a permit and sell the fireworks in a temporary structured store. The store in Cordele can only store 500 pounds at a time. Mathis says he's excited that fireworks are now legal..but says he does have some safety concerns.

"I be scared for them because some people don't know how to use them. Then I'm glad for some that do know how to use them," said Norris Mathis.

This tent in Albany on Dawson Road doesn't have a permit to sell the big fireworks they'll be selling Safe and Sane Fireworks like Sparklers and fountains instead and are expecting a large crowd.

" Usually we don't get busy til around the first or the fourth. The fourth being our busiest day we'll be here til probably midnight," said Ciara Drawdy, Owner

People in Cordele stopped by this tent to register for a giveaway of Safe and Sane products on the fourth. 11-year-old Tamia Willis came with her family and says her favorite part of July fourth is watching the lights in the sky.

" Because I want to see all of the fireworks in the sky and then I want to see all of the different ones with different colors," said Tamia Willis.

This store will be open all night and workers said they will continuously restock their products. TNT fireworks opened 70 temporary retail stores in the state through the fourth and you can find a list of their safety tips here.

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