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Georgia's gas tax to go into effect

Reginald Leonard, Driver Reginald Leonard, Driver

Georgia's new gas tax goes into effect in two days.

Currently the state's gas tax is tied to the cost of gas as it rises and falls based on the price per gallon.

That'll be replaced with a flat tax of 26 cents per gallon.

The goal of the new flat tax is to raise a billion dollars for transportation improvements in the state.

Some motorists believe the tax could put stress on driver's pockets and believe there's other ways to raise the money.

"Because I know they want to better the roads, or widen the roads, or repair bridges and stuff like that but with prices of gas, we just really came out of this, high state on gas prices anyhow, so I wish they would come up with a better solution on that,” said Reginald Leonard, Driver.

The state could see a seven cent spike in gas prices when the new law goes into effect on Wednesday.

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