Pet lovers donate pools to help South Georgia dogs from heat

Pet lovers donate pools to help South Georgia dogs from heat

South Georgia animal lovers have donated kiddie pools to several county's animal control and humane societies, to help dogs survive in the summer heat.

A couple of weeks ago we told you that Dougherty County Animal Control recommended kiddie pools for dogs, especially tethered dogs, to help them survive the brutal heat.

And because of that story, a couple of animal loving Doctors and their co-workers donated pools to help.

Spike is the first dog to receive one of the donated kiddie pools from Dougherty County animal control.

Dougherty County animal control officer Tamara Piercey said "Because I drive by him a lot.  He has long hair and he pants a lot. So he was one of the first ones that come to mind."

Officer Piercey says Spike is well cared for, but tethered outside all day, so she wanted him to have the pools to cool off in.

The pool was one of more than a dozen donated by Doctors Lorenzo Carson and Peter Taylor....after their office saw our story.

Taylor said "Who is going to say no to an animal having water in the middle of a 100 degree day? You'd have to be really pretty cold hearted."

The idea is that a tethered animal have a pool half full of water, the dog can't turn the pool over, like a small pan of water, and can use it to stay cool.

Piercey said "Besides drinking, he can also walk around in it.  And cool off.  And some dogs like to wallow and play in the water."

Dr. Taylor's office has also donated pools to the Albany, Lee and Terrell County Humane and Animal Control offices, trying to help as many dogs as possible survive the brutal heat.  But now they are asking other people  to get more involved in helping pets.

Taylor said "You know there is lots of stuff you can do, it doesn't cost an arm and a leg, and making a big difference."

Piercey says she is sure these pools will help save South Georgia dog's lives this summer.

If you live in Dougherty County, and you would like to donate or receive one of those pools for your pet, you can call Dougherty County animal control  at 430-6600 and apply.  

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