New state laws to help former inmates get jobs

New state laws to help former inmates get jobs

Dozens of former South Georgia inmates received help finding jobs Monday.

The Georgia Justice Project met with inmates, service providers, and faith based agencies and partners, explaining changes in Georgia law that will help inmates' re-entry into society.  The Governor's office wants to lower the 27 percent recidivism rate for state prisons, by helping former inmates with jobs.

Governor's Office of Transition, Support, and Reentry Communications Coordinator Leslie Lamb said "So there have been some changes in the laws where there can be some modifications.  It's not a get out of jail free card. It's a, I'm responsible for this, but you have to help me help others."

Lamb said in the first year of the Reentry Coalition, they have seen real success stories, and believe that former inmates given a job and a chance to support their family likely will stay out of trouble and out of prison.

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