Dougherty County looks to promote agri-tourism

Dougherty County looks to promote agri-tourism

Dougherty County commissioners are looking at making it easier for farmers to promote agri-tourism.

Monday, Paul Forgey, the county planning director, presented commissioners with an initial proposal for new agri-tourism regulations.

He says the current ordinance is limiting and the county should be looking for ways to help farmers make more money off of their land.

"This gives them other things that they can do on their land. They can have a farm stand, they can have hayrides, or a pumpkin patch, things like that, that bring people onto their land and give them a few more ways to make money," said Forgey.

The changes could also bring new businesses to the area, like a winery or dairy farm. This comes after the recent debate of a proposed microbrewery in Dougherty County.

The planning commission will be making some changes before commissioners vote on the final ordinance.

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