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Valdosta homeowner 'angry' after home hit by gunfire

Carolyn Berrian Carolyn Berrian
Bobbi McGraw Bobbi McGraw

A Valdosta homeowner was considering herself lucky Monday after her home was hit by gunfire just a few feet from where she was sitting when it happened.

"One of my friends said, 'it sounds like gunshots," homeowner Carolyn Berrian recalled. "I said, 'no, probably little firecracker things 'cause they usually pop fireworks around this time of year."

But, Berrian 's friend was right. It was gunshots. A single bullet went through the bottom right hand corner of a front window on Berrian's home at 812 Way Street.

Berrian had no idea until she got up about 20 minutes later to investigate the noise. "I seen glass splattered on my living room furniture and I looked at my window. It was a gunshot," said Berrian.

The bullet traveled through Berrian's living room, finally stopping after coming out the other side of a bedroom wall and landing on the floor. Monday, police didn't believe Berrian's home was the intended target, but they also still weren't sure exactly who or what was the intended target.

Berrian, though, said after talking with friends and neighbors she knew. "Whoever did the shootin' he was fightin; he was shootin' at some more little boys over in this area," Berrian explained.

WALB asked Valdosta Police Department Captain Bobbi McGraw about this possibility Monday and she said that it was new information that she wasn't aware of.

"That was not included in the report that I saw, but certainly we'll talk to the investigator that has that and direct them to go back over," said Cpt. McGraw.

Berrian said she wasn't scared but she was angry, saying people from outside the neighborhood were coming into the neighborhood more and more and having an increasingly bad influence on the otherwise peaceful community.

As of Monday afternoon, police did not have any suspects or persons of interest. If you have any information, call Valdosta Police at (229) 293-3091.

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