Leesburg college student beats the odds after accident

Leesburg college student beats the odds after accident

LEESBURG, GA (WALB) - On October 21, Marie Keiser had to cut her trip short to Florida, when she found out  her son, Derek Morris, was injured in a motorcycle crash.

"Our first objective was to get to Atlanta," Marie Keiser said.

Morris was leaving Georgia Tech on his motorcycle when he was hit by a car. "I had just left campus, and I was going down the road and there was a girl coming the other way, didn't yield to me," Derek Morris said.

On her way to Atlanta, Derek's mother says she was at peace because she knew God was helping her out. "I never shed a tear at that point, because I knew that God was in control," Keiser said.

Doctors told his mother that he had what they call 'diffused axonal injuries.'

She learned her son's chances of walking again were slim. "From the very first doctor that saw him they told us we can not tell you anything about what his recovery is going to be," Marie Keiser said.

But Morris beat the odds, even surprising his doctor, when he learned to walk again after just a week of therapy.

"His doctor had not seen any of this progression, and he's just like wow what a difference a week makes," Keiser said.

His sister took  video of his progress. It's been shared over 20,000 times on You Tube, and nearly 40,000 on Facebook.

"Because I have reached so many people I have, I have become thankful for my injuries," Derek Morris said.

The next obstacle for Morris is getting back to school. He will have to re-adjust, but his mother has faith that he can do it.

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