Phoebe graduates six new resident physicians

Phoebe graduates six new resident physicians

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Phoebe graduated six new resident physicians from their residency program.

The program started in 1993 to make sure that there was enough family physicians to practice in South Georgia.

Hospital officials say many of the graduates stay in the area. We spoke with the program's 100th graduate.

"Its just an amazing completion in my journey to this residency, how I started was kind of by chance, like divine intervention, at a random conference and next thing I knew I was in this program, and now I end as the 100th graduate," says M.D. St. Claire Gitau.

"One of the things that are board is committed to is making sure that there is a good supply of primary care physicians here in Southwest Georgia and the residency program has been able to keep about 70 percent of our graduates right here within about 70 miles of Albany," Jeol Wernick, says Phoebe Putney Health System CEO.

He says one of their goals get more residents to graduate. They average about six and would like to grow that to eight.

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