Quest for copper can be deadly

Quest for copper can be deadly

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Authorities say stealing copper wire isn't just illegal-- it's extremely dangerous.

Earlier this week, an Albany man was found dead, and Albany Police believe he was trying to take copper wire.

Water, Gas, and Light workers found Ronny Griffin inside a power box at the former Best Holiday Motel on North Slappey Boulevard.

Authorities say when you try to steal copper, you're putting your life in danger.

"Depending on what they're cutting off they can actually almost electrify the whole area," said APD Detective Timothy. "So that anybody responding can touch the wrong thing and get electrocuted. So when we respond to a scene for suspects, we might have to chase them and that's putting us and them in danger."

While they're have not been many copper wire deaths in Albany, Detective Harvey says its common throughout the state.

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