New truck driving regulations set to go into effect

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - New state regulations for commercial truck drivers go into effect in six days.

Albany Tech's Commercial Truck Driver Department Chair, Derrek White, is in favor of the new regulations. He believes the regulations make sure more experienced drivers are behind the wheels of those big rigs.

The state is cracking down on trucking regulations hoping to prevent another tragic accident like the one in Bryan County on the roads.

"My feelings on the rules are that they really needed to be enforced," said Derrek White, Albany Tech Commercial Truck Driver Department Chair.

The state is mandating that CDL customers hold a CDL learner's permit for a minimum of 14 days before scheduling a CDL Road Test.

"People who are just learning to drive a truck need to be in a truck for longer than two weeks before they get their CDL license," said White.

White teaches an 8 week course for more than 20 students at Albany Tech.

"At the end the exam it deals with the pre-trip, skills test and the driving test," said White. "So they have to pass all three before they can get their CDL license."

A new state regulation went into effect earlier this month, applicants taking their CDL test from a state examiner previously could receive their CDL license that day from the Georgia Department of Driver Services, but now they have to wait a little longer.

"The examiner has to send the test scores off to the DDS and be put into the database before the applicant could go down to the DDS and get their license, so they have to wait one business day," said White.

Also to go into effect July 1st, big rig drivers can't use any cell or mobile phone driving on any public road or highway. Something that White says is needed for driver safety.

"It's just not safe if you are out there driving a truck and you are on the phone. It's not safe for other drivers," said White.

The new regulations are set to go into effect July 1st.

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