Sylvester publishes golf cart rules

Sylvester publishes golf cart rules



2015 Sylvester Police Department began issuing "personal transportation vehicle" permits in the city of Sylvester.

Before anyone can operate a PTV- a golf cart- on the city streets of Sylvester, they must have a permit issued by the city.

In order to obtain a permit, you must have your PTV inspected by a member of Sylvester Police Department Community Relation Section, Sergeant Steve Dyes or Lieutenant Kenneth Washington, Monday-Friday, between 8:00am and 5:00pm.

The Following Requirements are required for inspection for your PTV to be street legal:

  1. class="MsoNormal">Two headlamps required
  2. class="MsoNormal">Two tail lamps required
  3. class="MsoNormal">Breaking system/ parking breaks
  4. class="MsoNormal">Safety Warning Labels
  5. class="MsoNormal">Reverse Warning device when in the reverse position
  6. class="MsoNormal">Main Power Switch (on/off) cart will not operate when in off position  
  7. class="MsoNormal">Reflectors
  8. class="MsoNormal">Horn
  9. class="MsoNormal">Rearview Mirror
  10. class="MsoNormal">Hip restraints / hand Holds
  11. class="MsoNormal">Proof of Liability Insurance

When all requirements are met, the customer can take the PTV Permit Application to Sylvester City Hall, 101 North Main Street and pay a onetime fee of $15.00 to receive your permit sticker. The sticker is to be placed on the rear driver's side of the PTV and in plain view.

A few rules to follow:    



PTVs are not to exceed over 20 MPH


PTVs are not to be driven on State Highways or Cross State Highways at any time.


PTVs are not to be driven by anyone under the age of 16

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